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How can mindfulness help entrepreneurs in business and life

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How Can Mindfulness Help Entrepreneurs in Business & Life?

A healthy brain brings many benefits. The biggest question is how can mindfulness help entrepreneurs in Business & Life? If you’re a budding entrepreneur who fancies themselves as the next big-time businessman of their local town, or perhaps a future tycoon of the eCommerce world, you’ve no doubt heard about the power of mindfulness and […]

What is the cost of building & running a UK website

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Costs of Building & Running a UK Website

Discover what is the cost of building & running a UK Website. Every day, swarms of people turn their ambitions of owning a website into a reality, either to improve the reach and exposure of an existing company they have, or to set up a new eCommerce business. Since most of us have budgetary and […]

How To Design A High-Converting Blog

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How to Design a High-Converting Blog

One of the best ways to promote your website and increase conversions is to focus on creating a compelling blog packed with useful articles relevant to your area of business. But how do you design an attractive, functional, user-friendly blog that stands a greater chance of converting sales? Well, there are several important features to […]

How to Create a Brand Colour For Your Website

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How to Create a Brand Colour For Your Website

By implementing a carefully selected colour palette for your business website, this crucial area of design can work to establish a memorable and easily recognizable identity for your company.  Not just relating to design, branding can also be a vital aspect of marketing; many of today’s leading corporations continue to weave branding into their products, […]

how to Identify scam emails

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How to Identify Scam Emails & Avoid Becoming a Victim

Read on to find out the best ways to protect yourself online by learning how to identify scam emails and the best ways to avoid them. Without an email address, it’s hard to accomplish much of anything online. For many of us, email has become an integral means of contact, enabling us to communicate with […]

Spot a hacked email account

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How to Spot a Hacked Email Account & What to Do Next

Being hacked could happen to anyone, read on to learn how to spot a hacked email account and the steps you should be taking next. With endless email scams circling the internet, the risk of being hacked remains a major concern for many computer users across the globe.  But what are the telltale signs of […]

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The 7 Big Benefits of eCommerce vs. Traditional Stores

Read on to lean all the benefits of ecommerce stores over a standard traditional one. For many decades and generations, traditional stores have been one of the most popular outlets for businesses when it comes to distributing products and services to local and out-of-town customers. But in the age of the internet, where everything is […]

How to promote your business online

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How to Promote Your Business Online: Top 5 Tips

A quick guide to teach you all the best tips on how to promote your business online. Whether you own a fledgling or existing business, it’s never too soon to start putting your brand on the map. Courtesy of today’s much-evolved online promotion techniques, it’s never been easier and more affordable to engage customers with […]

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All the best reasons to Host with HostGrid

An easy guide on all the best reasons to host your website with HostGrid. Having the ability to create, design and bring to life a professional looking masterpiece isn’t easy and requires the right tools for the job. That’s why choosing the right web host is arguably the most important factor when bringing your vision […]

How to Build a Business Website

Build a Website, Business Tips // Stories

How to Build a Business Website: The 5 Key Points

Tips for building a business website. The initial process and planning, all the way to building and marketing.

Benefits of Ecommerce over Traditional Stores

Business Tips // Stories

Benefits of Ecommerce over Traditional Stores

Exploring 5 of the key benefits of ecommerce over traditional store selling.