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Website Analysis and Redesign

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Website Analysis: A Vital Aspect of the Redesign Process

When it comes to website redesign, some business owners make the unfortunate mistake of focusing their efforts on updating visuals and functionality on a basic level only, relying merely on instinct and quick glances at competitor sites for inspiration. Making changes with minimal planning is fine to a point – but by incorporating the various […]

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The 7 Big Benefits of eCommerce vs. Traditional Stores

Read on to lean all the benefits of ecommerce stores over a standard traditional one. For many decades and generations, traditional stores have been one of the most popular outlets for businesses when it comes to distributing products and services to local and out-of-town customers. But in the age of the internet, where everything is […]

How to promote your business online

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How to Promote Your Business Online: Top 5 Tips

A quick guide to teach you all the best tips on how to promote your business online. Whether you own a fledgling or existing business, it’s never too soon to start putting your brand on the map. Courtesy of today’s much-evolved online promotion techniques, it’s never been easier and more affordable to engage customers with […]