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What is the cost of building & running a UK website

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Costs of Building & Running a UK Website

Discover what is the cost of building & running a UK Website. Every day, swarms of people turn their ambitions of owning a website into a reality, either to improve the reach and exposure of an existing company they have, or to set up a new eCommerce business. Since most of us have budgetary and […]

Simple Wordpress Security Maintenance

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Simple WordPress Security Maintenance

Whether you’re a hands-on business website owner, or a fully fledged developer, it’s never been more vital to run regular, structured security checks in order to keep your WordPress-based website safe from online threats. Since hackers and fraudsters are constantly hunting for vulnerable websites to target and exploit, it therefore goes without saying that the […]

Best ways to get new social media followers for your business

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Best Ways to Get New Social Media Followers for Your Business

With so many bustling markets online, one of the keys to success for today’s business websites is to amass large social media followings. Doing so can encourage engagement and loyalty, which can lead to increased brand exposure and sales. Building a strong following can be time-consuming, creatively challenging, and easy to place on the backburner […]

Keyword research tools to improve SEO

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Keyword Research Tools to Improve SEO

SEO is a an important tactic to master if you want to rank highly on Google, read on to discover the best keyword research tools to improve SEO. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), it’s highly recommended that all business website owners and admins place a strong focus on keyword research to better […]

Website Analysis and Redesign

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Website Analysis: A Vital Aspect of the Redesign Process

When it comes to website redesign, some business owners make the unfortunate mistake of focusing their efforts on updating visuals and functionality on a basic level only, relying merely on instinct and quick glances at competitor sites for inspiration. Making changes with minimal planning is fine to a point – but by incorporating the various […]

Best Free SEO Plugins For WordPress

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The Best Free SEO Plugins & Tools for WordPress Websites

Whether you’ve just hit the launch button or already have an existing WordPress site, it’s never a bad time to implement a strong SEO strategy. By being SEO-friendly, you can work to establish greater rapport with search engines that rank sites based on content. When a website is consciously built with ‘Search Engine Optimization’ in […]

How to Create a Brand Colour For Your Website

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How to Create a Brand Colour For Your Website

By implementing a carefully selected colour palette for your business website, this crucial area of design can work to establish a memorable and easily recognizable identity for your company.  Not just relating to design, branding can also be a vital aspect of marketing; many of today’s leading corporations continue to weave branding into their products, […]

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All the best reasons to Host with HostGrid

An easy guide on all the best reasons to host your website with HostGrid. Having the ability to create, design and bring to life a professional looking masterpiece isn’t easy and requires the right tools for the job. That’s why choosing the right web host is arguably the most important factor when bringing your vision […]

WordPress website for small business

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Top 5 Reasons to Build a WordPress Small Business Website

The popular website builder WordPress is quickly becoming the ideal tool for every small business to grow their online presence. Whether you’re looking to dive into the world of eCommerce, or simply establish a greater online presence for your physical store or services, every small business requires its very own website. Since these types of […]

Build a Great Website without a Designer

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How to Build a Great Website without a Designer

To keep up with today’s rapid-fire, internet-orientated world, it’s become more or less standard for organizations and businesses, including SMBS, to have their very own websites. A great website should be purposed to help tell the story of who you are and what your business is all about, while maximizing the discoverability of your brand, […]

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Website Secure


10 Ways to Make Your Website Secure

How to make your website secure and the possible dangers of a cyber attack.

How to Build a Business Website

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How to Build a Business Website: The 5 Key Points

Tips for building a business website. The initial process and planning, all the way to building and marketing.