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Simple Wordpress Security Maintenance

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Simple WordPress Security Maintenance

Whether you’re a hands-on business website owner, or a fully fledged developer, it’s never been more vital to run regular, structured security checks in order to keep your WordPress-based website safe from online threats. Since hackers and fraudsters are constantly hunting for vulnerable websites to target and exploit, it therefore goes without saying that the […]



What is Ransomware & How Does it Spread?

One of the most discussed viruses is that of the dreaded ransomware, which, in recent years, has built a formidable reputation after being employed to breach the systems belonging to some of the largest corporations and organizations in the world. If you aren’t so familiar, however, and are seeking more info on this particular form […]

how to Identify scam emails

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How to Identify Scam Emails & Avoid Becoming a Victim

Read on to find out the best ways to protect yourself online by learning how to identify scam emails and the best ways to avoid them. Without an email address, it’s hard to accomplish much of anything online. For many of us, email has become an integral means of contact, enabling us to communicate with […]

Spot a hacked email account

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How to Spot a Hacked Email Account & What to Do Next

Being hacked could happen to anyone, read on to learn how to spot a hacked email account and the steps you should be taking next. With endless email scams circling the internet, the risk of being hacked remains a major concern for many computer users across the globe.  But what are the telltale signs of […]

Why Website Security is Vital for Your Site


Why Website Security is Vital for Your Site

What is website security and what does it defend against.

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Website Secure


10 Ways to Make Your Website Secure

How to make your website secure and the possible dangers of a cyber attack.